Tuesday, January 17, 2017

E-Bikes Under $1000: Add Populo to the List

This is the Populo Sport.

I love me some free e-bike shipping!

Let's just get all of the stats out of the way first:

8 levels of pedal assist -  no throttle
free shipping (for the U.S)
20 miles per hour
30ish mile range
36 volts, 8.7 Ah
3 frame sizes
37 pounds
single gear
250 watts
3 colors

This one popped up on Electric Bike Review this week and it's worth checking out if:

you are on a budget
 you keep it on the street
you like to keep things simple
you have to haul your bike upstairs
you dream of having two USB ports 
you are looking for a way to drive less
you like the Propella or the Sondors Thin

Digging the polished frame!


Nice dash!

Are you intrigued? Tempted? Insanely in love?
Find out more at the Populo website.

May you be tempted away from the gas station!

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