Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mesquite Hugger Responses

With Martin Luther King day falling in the same week as the  presidential inauguration, I find myself struggling with hatred.

My struggle with the president-elect has been a struggle with hatred. The man ran a campaign based on hatred toward groups: religions, races, genders, countries, etc. A number of US hate groups have been noticeably excited about his election and have become much more visible. I keep seeing articles about the rise in hate crimes since the election. And I see lots of groups who now live in greater fear of this rising hatred. When he won the election, it shocked me to the core that anyone could win an election in this country running on a campaign so deeply entrenched in hatred, anger, and retribution.

In response, I also see a lot of people aiming hatred back at the president-elect, his staff, and his cabinet picks. And I understand it. Frankly, I am deeply concerned with their actions and I want to hate most of them. But I am not ready to give in to that.

So here's my real struggle - I see hatred answering hatred as a way to create more hatred. When I look at my hopes for our society, hatred is not on my list. Yes, it would be easy and (temporarily) satisfying, but I'd much rather see us looking at what triggers our own angers and using that to identify solutions to work for. Yes, I am frustrated at the daily onslaught of new fires to put out, but giving in to hatred will only make it worse.

Moving forward, Mesquite Hugger will strive to offer solutions and opportunities for creating a healthier place for us all to live while striving not to spread anger, hatred, or carbon-based fuels to throw on the fire.

May anger motivate us while wisdom and grace guides our actions.

(If you see longer gaps between posts, know that I am probably waiting for that wisdom and grace thing to kick in.)

Thank you each and every one who reads this. May you be well, blessed, and thankful.

PS. Thank you to Martin Luther King Jr. for giving us such a gracious example of not giving in to the hatred.