Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Electric Bike News: What's up over at Juiced Bikes?

Just a few weeks ago, I posted about a surprising new cruiser bike over at Juiced Bikes and about some other changes going on over there. Well, it happened again.

I surfed over their site yesterday and found that there is another new bike and what appears to be a whole new line of bikes or business division or something like that. The new bike is following the trend of fat-tired bikes that are so prevalent lately, but this one looks like it shares a lot of DNA with the CrossCurrent (which is very high on the Mesquite Hugger Dream Bikes List.) The new bike is called the HyperFat HF750 and it starts at $999!

Learn more at Juiced Bikes.
So, what's so cool about this one? Components, capability, and cost.
Components and Capability
The base model comes with big power - a 750 watt running gear and a 48 volt/ 13 amp-hour battery. This is tied to a 9-speed gear train and disc brakes. That's really impressive, especially for a bike from  a company with a good reputation.
(For Allen)
If that's not enough to have you salivating, well, you're still in luck. There's a faster, more powerful, more luxurious model available too. Let's look at some numbers for the HF1000:
  • 1000 watt running gear
  • 30 miles per hour
  • 35 amp controller
  • 30-60 mile range
  • 1,800 lumen built in headlight
  • LCD Digital Matric Display (yes, I know it's not a number, but it's a huge perk)
  • and all those upgrades add just $500
And if all of that is not enough, you can still upgrade to a bigger battery (17amp-hour) or a much bigger battery (21 amp-hour - up to 100 miles of range!) and the oh-so-desirable torque sensor. Holy moly that'd be an impressive machine! And still very competitively priced at $2400 fully loaded!
[I wish they'd offer the same HF750 setup with standard-sized tires for a commuter - the HyperSkinny. The CrossCurrent Air is almost the Hypothetical HyperSkinny except it has a 350 watt running gear and a 48 volt 8 amp-hour battery. And it's about the same price.The CrossCurrent and CrossCurrent Air are still extremely darn cool, though.]
In case you'd like to compare the HyperFat to a few other portly-tired competitors across the spectrum, check out the ProdecoTech Rebel X series... 

...and the Sondors Original.
But let's get back to the HyperFats:
The HyperFat HF750 and HF1000

Now, here's the other interesting thing:
Juiced is introducing these big-boned bikes as part of a new line-up of bikes that are designed to be direct mail-order pieces with bikes that arrive fully assembled (for a $165 shipping fee.)
Speaking of new things at Juiced - Hype Bikes
So, does this mean the Juiced Bikes will become Hype Bikes? Will they remain separate entities? Will there be another new model announced every two weeks? Will bloggers keep asking stupid questions? (I don't know.)

The lineup just keeps growing! (What's next?)
What I do know is that this is a great time to follow e-bike development. If you can't find your dream bike this week, it'll probably appear next week.
May you find some form of low-carbon transport that fills your needs and makes you smile every day.