Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lubbock in a Garden: Pedal-Powered Water Pump - More Progress! (Part 3)

(For all of you who've been following the Heart of Lubbock Community Garden series) 
See where it all started by clicking here and here.
Keeping words to a minimum. (Sometimes I talk too much.)
I really hate plumbing stuff, snagit!

(Nothing to see here.)

It's coming along.
Next steps:
  • Create adjustable, sliding brackets for the pump
  • Attach the V-belt and pulley setup
  • Attach the new wheel (We will try to keep the speedometer intact.)
  • Figure out the rest of the plumbing (Snagit!)
  • Put it all together
  • Have a super-soaker party
May your projects go smoothly, bless someone, and make this ol' blue marble a better place to live!
(And may the plumbing department not prompt male and female anatomy questions from children - ¡Oy vey, hermanito!)
PS. It would already be in the garden and pumping if it weren't for you meddling plumbing parts, snagit!)