Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Crop of Austin Craigslist Cargo Bikes - Love ya, ATX Weirdness!

Oy vey, these cargo bikes, they keep drawing me back in, but it doesn't hurt to look, eh? For those of you in the area, there are some good deals and some real diversity this month. Enjoy! 
Lots of big-haul choices this month!


Those cool kids over at Compost Pedallers are liquidating another Metrofiets (handbuilt in Portland, OR!) If you are serious about hauling on a bike, you can't get hardcorer than this, y'all! This one is $200 less expensive, but it does not have the big box.

Oak Cliff Cargo Bikes:
Handbuilt on the south side of Dallas, Texas - this is an amazing price for any vendor bike and especially amazing for a handcrafted machine like this one. Have you always dreamed of vending by bike, this could be a great start.

Trek/Gary Fisher:
This one is my absolute fave from the list. It was built by Trek/Gary Fisher as a longtail cargo bike and has lots of nice upgrades and modifications. $800 - not shabby at all! This model has been discontinued but that sure won't affect how it hauls! (Sigh...)

Yuba Boda Boda:
Still in the box at $699 - it's a Yuba Boda Boda V2 "People for Bikes" edition - somebody is in for a deal!
(Somebody, please stop me!)
Me, I've been watching plans, talking to a few welder buddies and reading My Solar Electric Cargo Bike.
May you find yours and may it haul awesome and eco-friendly, dear reader!