Friday, February 3, 2017

Sidebar Minipost: From Russia with Love?

I never expected to say this, but it seems that Mesquite Hugger has something in common with our new American president - receiving much love from Russia!

I feel like the dorky kid in a teen movie who says he has a girlfriend in another country.

I am going to laminate this and keep it in my upcycled-bike-tube wallet!

Mesquite Hugger is a pretty low-rent blog. A good day around here gets a few hundred clicks, and those clicks usually focus on the most recent posts.

The top 10!

So imagine my surprise this morning when I logged in and saw over 5000 clicks for the day. With a little investigation I learned that there were indeed a few hundred clicks here in the States, but the rest came from Russia. And they're not all focused on yesterday's brilliant post about a pedal-powered pump. As a matter of fact, the most viewed post is about one of my favorite subjects - the Citicar. If you've been around this blog much, you know that the tiny little beast is the pinnacle of the Mesquite Hugger dream!

So here's my hope - that the Russians are hoping to copy the design of the Citicar and start building their own version like they did with the Vjatka scooter and the Ural motorcycle. If so, I am all about it!
I think they should name it the Dorky Park Car. I want mine in blue and gray, like the Vjatka!
Or maybe black with flames!
May it always be this much fun (and eco-friendly) to be loved by Russia!