Friday, February 3, 2017

Fossil Free Friday: More Inexpensive and (Somewhat) Local Electric Cars

Earlier this week I published a post on used electric cars and their very low prices: Good News: VERY Affordable Electric Cars. I just pulled up a few quick electric car searches on Ebay to show how little money it takes to bring one home these days.

That post's afterlife has been an interesting thing. It did not really take off  and it's had moderate online traffic.

But it keeps popping up in my immediate circles. I was having dinner with my wife on the first day it was posted. She told me that KB had called her with a lot of questions about the electric Fiats -  a red one had caught her eye.

And I've had three more separate but similar conversations with friends since then. Most of the time, MH posts seem like my own (not-so) dirty little secrets in the real world. But this post has people seriously looking at picking up an electric car.

So, to keep fanning the electric car flames, I decided to do a repeat attempt, but this time on Craigslist. Almost nothing popped up in West Texas, but Dallas and Austin offered up some tempting stuff:

A sample search of Dallas Craigslist "Electric"

The first attempt in Dallas showed an overwhelming number of Fiat 500E's and one Mitsubishi MiEV. So I took a second shot and just searched for Nissan Leafs. An impressive number of those popped up too. (For those of you who are interested, a number of Teslas popped up further down the list - but they were all out of the Mesquite Hugger price range.)

A sample search of Dallas Craigslist "Leaf"

While I was that far east, I decided to hop down I-35 to see what was happening down in Austin. The offerings were a little more diverse:

A sample search of Austin Craigslist "Electric"

A few Fords, a few Teslas, a BMW i3, Smarts, Leafs, Fiats, and an electric Jeep. Some fun stuff down there.

This is the one cool oddball that popped up - an Electric Jeep Wrangler
(with right-hand drive and very tiny pictures)

Inspired by all of this success in finding EV's, I decided to try another search to find an electric car to serve as the Official Mesquite Hugger business car. Here is what I found:

Several sample searches of "Citicar"

Oh well, I didn't find mine, but I hope this helps you find yours so you can (choose all that apply)
  • smirk
  • laugh
  • giggle
  • gesture rudely
  • moon everyone
  • leer
  • [insert your own]
every time you pass a (choose all that apply)
  • Chevron
  • Exxon
  • BP
  • Fina
  • Shell
  • Valero
  • Citgo
  • [insert your own]

May you know the freedom and mirth of not polluting the earth so darn much!