Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ebay Electric Cars: Elevated OddBall and a Beauty Queen

Ebay did not disappoint this week!

Elevator Company Goes Postal

I didn't know this until this week, but Otis, the world's oldest and largest elevator manufacturer, had a brief foray into electric vehicles. They made postal trucks. And it'll shock you, but I want one! This one showed up on Ebay this week (and glided away without a single bid):

What do you get when you cross an elevator with a Citicar? The Otis!

Lovely number 300!

15 mile warning and 1 mile warning - nice!

Do you think the passenger felt cheated?

An alternator - hmmm...

I don't think that a Radwagon will fit in there.

Not quite.
(Maybe it'll fit on the Radwagon.)

Maybe a RadMini would be a better choice in this case.

In case you're bummed that you missed the auction, Here's the Otis on another site where you may get your second chance at this odd and compelling way to think inside the box:

Now on to the really good stuff! A Vanguard-Sebring Citicar

As I write this, the bid is at $2100, reserve is not met, and there's 12 hours to go.


Sigh again.

Okay, this one is a beauty. This Citicar is the nicest I have seen. The owner went to a great deal of trouble to restore this car to a point where it's probably nicer than it was new. Yep. This thing is awesome.

It still looks tiny in front of a tiny house!

A quick trip to southern Michigan with a small trailer!

Something new, something blue...

The bare bones

Learn all about it!

Learn even more about it here: It gets a little scary approaching 50mph!

May your dream Electric Vehicle be available soon, even if it's less dorky than my dream Electric Vehicle! Who knew that low-carbon cars could be so much fun? (Me)