Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Save a Lot of Water with VERY Little Sacrifice (with Gratuitous Sci-Fi Link)

For a few years now, we have been using these shower heads in our house: Low Flow Shower Head

They are not sexy, they do not pulsate-gyrate-vibrate, they do not have extensions and protrusions and other such fancy gadgets that inspire consumer lust while still on the shelf.

What they do accomplish (much to our intial suprise) is significantly decrease our water use while increasing the spray pressure. Even the teenager seems to be impressed - a very rare thing when introducing eco-friendly devices. The big orange box store will sell you one for less than $20 and installation takes less time than opening the package.

For some other tips on saving our most vital natural resource, take the 40 Gallon Challenge:

40 Gallon Challenge

May you have a phenomenally blessed day, and may you always have enough water and not have to live like Tank Girl in a world run by Water and Power. (Unless you really want to.)

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