Saturday, October 19, 2013

Art vs Budget

Last night was the Flatland Film Festival performance of Metropolis Elektro. I was very disappointed to miss it the several months ago and very excited to have a second opportunity.

Then I went online to buy tickets. $35 each for two people. I hesitated. 

Times are tight and my wife and I have been working hard to curb our spending. We have goals, we have a phenomenal young woman who'll enter college in the spring, and there are many people in this world we would like to care for.

So, I hesitated. I talked to my wife before buying them. We talked and decided to spend the money.

Last night we sat on the front row enraptured by the score created by local musicians Amy and Scott Faris and we knew that we had made the right choice. The powerful imagery created by Fritz Lang in 1927 combined with the powerful sound created by twenty-three talented musicians have left my brain reeling with inspiration and motivation that I have not felt in a long time. 

I stay caught up in government shutdowns and selfish environmental destruction, and last night's performance was a glimpse above all that