Monday, October 21, 2013

Electric Beetle Article - ElectroFahrvergnügen

Slug Bug - Red! I drove a 1964 Beetle in college and I was always amazed at the amount of random violence I started just by driving around town. Friendly games of Slug Bug quickly turn into slugfests and people rolling around on the ground in pain looking for their teeth. Some days I cringed, some days I laughed, most days I just drove away as (feel free to laugh) quickly as possible.

The bug in this article may inspire a little less violence since people might not hear it coming or going.

I do not believe that everyone should own a vintage car; I don't believe that everyone should own an electric car (yet); and I especially don't believe that everyone should own a vintage electric car. If you can change the motor in your car, rewire your brother's-in-law trailer house, and your cell phone never goes dead BEFORE you plug it into the charger, you may be a good candidate to own this car. For the rest of us, the closest comparison I can think of is someone who is not quite cut out for cat ownership coming home from the mall pet store one day with a Bengal tiger cub.

So with that caveat thrown in, enjoy this article in the same way you might enjoy seeing a tiger in a zoo or a great white on Shark Week. Just fantasize about stealthily sneaking along inspiring wannabe Mike Tysons while emitting virtually no toxic gases and cruising right past all the gas stations. And if you decide to take the tiger by the tail....have fun!

Electric Slug Bug

Have a wonderful day and may your batteries never go completely dead!

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