Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just a couple of cool electric motorcycles

Okay, I have been slacking lately - not much blogging inspiration. Seeing the devastataion in the Phillipines and being generally busy busy busy has left little mental energy, so here are a few pretty cool motorcycles to pass the time.

The first one is from evalbum.com, which is my favorite place to check out the DIY electric vehicle creations. If you spend a little time there, you might even find one or two from Lubbock on there. I love the concept of this old Triumph - just as bare-bones as it can be:
Vintage Triumph

The next one is a work of fabrication art. I found this article on The Electric Chronicles, Ted Dillard's blog for those who like electric motorcycles and such.

Very cool electric motorcycle

May you be blessed with the basic needs and the means to share with those who don't.