Thursday, November 7, 2013

Keep those electrons rocking in the free world!

I admit it - Neil Young's voice does not appeal to me in any way. He has inspired me on many occasions to switch off the radio in search of whatever ambient noise I could find. I do, however, appreciate some of his political views and many of the songs he has written. Feel free to look those up for yourself. And, to be fair, he still has a more appealing voice than I do.

One other thing I appreciate about Neil is big old gas guzzling  electron-eating Lincoln. In case you love the idea of an electric car, but the Tesla Leaf Volt MiEV Citicar Coda Twizzy Smart Prius C-Max converted old Beetle just doesn't do it for you, here is Neil's Lincoln in its latest incarnation:

And here's the homepage:

May your ride have a heart of gold!