Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tiny Houses - Real and Imagined

Today's post started with a video of the Nomad Micro Home - a very cool little place from Canada. The video shows a very impressive prefab flatpack building and celebrates a number of did-it-theirselves tiny homes.

Nomad Micro Home

And it set the brain to wandering. As a youngster, I built lots of tiny houses. I built them as homes for bugs, as garages for Hot Wheels, and I built them all out of Legos. So, the wandering brain started thinking of a house built out of big Legos. Then I did a little research and found that one of the UK Top Gear hosts (with  lots of volunteers) built an actual full-size house out of normal-sized Legos.

Lego House

Is there any point to all of this, probably not. But I have been wanting to build a greenhouse, and I'd like a mad-scientist's lab to park in the backyard, and ...

May your goofiest dreams come true!