Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hang Time (Crunchy Clothes) Revisited

When we last discussed hanging your undies out to dry, it was the middle of August (8-13-13), and those suckers would dry quickly. If done with a little care, I could hang stuff up after work and it would be dry before bedtime.

But here it is November, and it takes longer to dry things, and it takes some planning on my part. Really, with the 8-5 job and all the trappings of a modern life, only Saturdays now give me time to hang anything up. Therefore, the dryer has been overly busy and the laundry line has been mostly neglected.

But today, I found a little inspiration in the Ask Umbra column. I'll be busting out the clothespins this weekend.

The Winter of Our Discontent(ed laundry)

May your clothessicles flap happily this winter!