Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Chances - Don't Panic!

Such dreaded words: "This is your last chance to..."

On a self-serving, pandering to you, dear reader note, this is your last chance to join a very exclusive group (Thanks Brian and Toni!) by somewhat anonymously filling out the first annual Mesquite Hugger survey. Please! It closes at midnight on the 31st.

Don't think about it - just click here!

And, in other last chance news, we have a book/video/audio recommendation: Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine. In a former life, I stumbled across a non-fiction Douglas Adams book in a junior high library. I was not a fan of non-fiction back then, but I knew where my towel was back then and had to read anything Adams had written. Essentially, the two authors took on the task of going to see and report on a number of profoundly endangered species. It's a travel book, a slightly humorous book, and a powerful picture of the impact that human beings have had on the other denizens of our big blue marble.

Good Reads - Last Chance to See

I am feeling rather slackerish to learn that the whole thing was actually a BBC production and that there was a follow-up series done in 2009. I now have some reading and watching to do.

So long, and thanks to all the readers!

May you always know where YOUR towel is.