Friday, December 6, 2013

Somewhat Green High Speed Adventures in Netflix and the birth of S.P.E.E.D.!

[Ok, this one may take a little stretching, maybe some YouTubing, and a whole lot of tolerance for this blogger's sense of how life should be enjoyed.]

Start on Netflix and find a really great BritSitCom called The IT Crowd. In Season One, find and watch an episode called "The Red Door". Pay attention to a character named Richmond. (approximately 22 minutes)

Next, while still in Netflix, find a documentary entitled Charge. I would recommend watching the entire film; however, for today's focus, just watch through the section where you meet Cedric Lynch, inventor of the Agni motor.

Now, on to Mesquite Hugger type stuff:
Charge is a documentary that outlines the challenges and triumphs of the first teams to build and race electric motorcycles at the legendary Isle of Man (Not the "I love man" as some have recently speculated.)

Keith, Mesquite Hugger's most frequent commenter and the subject of one early post, recently saw the film, enthusiastically encouraged all of his friends to watch it, and now wants to build an electric motorcycle. I like movies that have that effect on people. So, please watch Charge, maybe throw in a little Revenge of the Electric Car, and wash it down with a little WALL-E this weekend. Maybe we can start a local EV club. South Plains Eccentric Electro-Dorks (S.P.E.E.D.) or something like that...

May y'all have a great weekend and may you be warm!