Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Other Exciting EV News for the Week

The incredible, edible egg!

Dork selfie taken in front of a Waco dealership - this is the only MiEV I have seen in person.

Warning: Dork Factor Alert - In case you have not figured it out, I am a big dork. And I am really not afraid of people thinking I look like a dork. (This would be an appropriate time to have sympathy for my wife for being married to such a dork. She, however, refers to me as a "nork" in an effort not to ignore my nerd factor.)

The other exciting news comes in the form of an egg with four doors and four wheels.

News came this week that the 2014 Mistubishi MiEV electric car will have a $6300 price drop. And, it'll have more speakers, heated seats, sportier wheels, etc. But I don't care about that so much. I care about that price cut.

So, the car is now $23,000. The Federal tax break is $7500. The new Texas incentive is $1500.

If my math is correct, that makes it a $14,000 car with extremely minimal maintenance and a roughly 80% lower "fuel" cost. The scary part of the car? It has an in-town range of 80 miles. It is not a car for road tripping. At all. It is a car that has received great reviews as an in-town commuter. The only consistent complaints have been the high price and lack of creature comforts. And those have apparently been addressed with the 2014 model.

So, are you looking for a replacement for your second car? Do you want to save a great deal of money? Do you want to drastically lower your environmental impact while skipping around town? Are you a big fan of Mork from Ork? (Which, indeed, rhymes with "dork". Again, have sympathy for my wife. And no, Dear, I am not heading down to the dealership to put a deposit on an egg, but I may buy a new charger for the bicycle battery pack I have been building on the kitchen table.)

May you be warm and safe today, friends!