Friday, January 10, 2014

A Tale of Two DIY Electric Cars

As a kid I always wanted a go-cart. As an adult I still want a go-cart, but the practical side of me knows it'll just gather dust.

As a kid, I thought Jim Hall and Carroll Shelby were two of the coolest guys ever. I still think they're pretty cool. If you are not familiar with either of them, they are both Texans who took it upon themselves to build extremely cool cars of their own.

But now, I'm an electric car guy, so I need to find another cool Texan who is taking it upon himself to build his own cool electric car. And it would not hurt if it looked like a go-cart.

Enter Gary Krysztopik. He is a San Antonio electrical engineer who watched Who Killed the Electric Car? in 1997 and developed a dream. You can learn more about him and his dream (and how he is sharing that dream) on the following page:

Open-Source DIY Electric Car (

Of course, Texans don't have a patent on all of the fun, so here is a somewhat similar European electric car that can be ordered in kit form.

Flat-Pack DIY Electric Car(

So, would you build or drive either of these?

May you you know the joy of wind in your face!

Bonus material:
Yes, I understand the irony in this, but if you find yourself in Midland, Texas, be sure to stop by the Petroleum Museum and check out the Jim Hall Chaparral exhibit. You will quickly learn why I thought Jim was so cool.
Jim Hall Cars on Display in Midland.