Monday, January 13, 2014

Lubbock Local Businesses - An Open Invitation

The Mesquite Hugger survey responses for local businesses contained the following places:

West Crust Pizza (Love it - be sure to try the tortilla lunch pizzas and 3rd Coast Sodas!)
Yellowhouse Coffee (Love it - I drink coffee there daily.)
Bangkok Thai (Try the Larb Nau or Pad-See-Euw) (sp?)
Gaydon Wholesale Lumber (open to the public - a great place to start if you want to build something beautiful)
The Bull Stop (Slaton, TX  - excellent selection and customer service)
Tristan at the Encore Salon (I don't have enough to bother with, but I have seen some beautiful hair come out of there)
Culture Clothing (hope to try it soon)

Here are a few more that I frequent or have heard good things about:
Aranda's Mexican Food (34th and Memphis - great service and even better gorditas)
The Ranch House (Downtown - the best deal on a great breakfast)
Peace-O-Cake (try the Heaven Cupcake)
Orlando's (Yum)
The Honey Ham Company (82nd near Indiana - great sandwiches and a great selection of local products)
Serios ( a new cereal lounge in town that I have heard great things about)
The Slaton Bakery (many consider it a destination rather than a business)
Armadillo Camera - I owe that place my wife! (And it is a place we need more of - local experts with great prices and great service)
Crawford Air Conditioning - a phenomenal blend of ethics, hard work, and a giving spirit

The open invitation:
I would really like to feature more local businesses. If you would like to write a small review for your favorite local business, please send me a story! And throw in a few photos too!

May we support our neighbors and be supported in return.