Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Tiny House Infographic from a Very Realistic Blog

It's funny. I do not know anyone who would seriously consider living in a tiny house; yet, the tiny house articles are some of the most viewed on this blog.

I ran across a blog today called "The Tiny Life," and it is the most down-to-earth and realistic site I have seen on the subject. Unlike most of the fun and light-hearted writing you find about the cuteness, economy, and practicality of tiny houses, this site spends just as much time talking about the challenges and drawbacks - zoning problems, neighbor problems, generated waste, and assorted other challenges that often face tiny home owners and builders. This blog is not just about the cuteness of puppies, it's also about dog ownership when your dog barks all night and tries to bite the neighbor's toddler.

Living in a town that is known for zoning "challenges" for anyone with ideas that are slightly off of mainstream, I wonder what challenges locals would face if they wanted to live in such a place in our area.

Be sure to check out The Tiny Life

May the size of your house not define the size of your life!