Thursday, February 20, 2014

Get Out and Ride this Weekend! (And an infographic)

Here on the South Plains, Friday and Saturday will be in the 70's with no chance of rain (!@#$%), so air up the tires on your bike and go for a ride. We have all been cooped up with winter weather and busy-ness, so break the cycle (unfortunate pun) by getting outside and riding: find and errand you can run, or go for a fast ride to get your heart rate up, or go on a bicycle date with your significant whatever. Ride to a local business for lunch. Ride to a local park. Turn the TV off. Shut the computer down. Put the phone on silent and ride. If the whole thought is entirely too healthy for you, ride to the donut shop or the ice cream place or the pancake place. Just ride!

Need more encouragement, get yourself over to 

where you will find these reasons:

Why Bike

  • Get fit
  • Save Money
  • Explore your city
  • Great family time
  • Help the environment
  • Beat traffic
  • Sleep more deeply
  • Be heart healthy
  • Be happy!
And this infographic: (and lots of other great stuff!)

May Spell Check not give you grief about your boodie.