Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Do more of...

I recently had a meal with a friend who is struggling. As we talked, I noticed a young lady, a student, who was working on some type of presentation. She had a re-usable drinking cup emblazoned with this phrase: Do more of what makes you happy.

I kept looking at the cup and looking at my friend. I, by the way, am not a man of immediate action. My brain doesn't react. It ferments. I did not ask my friend what makes him happy. I should have asked him what the simplest and easiest thing is that makes him happy.

The brain has now fermented a bit. Dear Reader, what is the simplest and easiest thing that makes you happy? Is there a way you can do that this week? What does it require?

May you find a way to follow a re-usable cup's advice.

Bonus link: the blog where I found the great photo above.