Monday, March 3, 2014

Gentlemen (and Ladies), Start Your Tivos!

If you are an EV fan and a Mesquite Hugger reader, you probably already know that the Citicar and Beetle EV conversions are some of our absolute favorite electric vehicles. Reality TV? Generally not so much, but maybe that's been a subject matter thing. Thanks to an article on Green Car Reports today, I just logged into the TiVo and set up a recording for Rods N' Wheels for an episode where they are taking an old Bug over to EV West for a full conversion. I also learned from the article that a recent episode of Counting Cars featured a Vanguard Citicar. I may be a reality TV watcher after all. Maybe I need to call the producers of Lubbock's own car-based reality show, The Car Chasers, and arrange for them to "find" a little German electric car I happen to know about in town. Maybe....

Here is the link to the article:
Electric Cars Drive Silently Into Reality TV Shows

May your 15 minutes of fame make everyone turn a little green!

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