Monday, March 3, 2014

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then I want to go where they went." Will Rogers

There is a statue on the Texas Tech campus. The statue is of Will Rogers and his horse. I have walked, driven, or bicycled past that statue hundreds of times, but I know little of Will and his country wit. I do, however, often run across quotes that make me like him all the better.

I had a lot of  time over the weekend to hang out with the dogs: Condo, Sasha, and Maya at our house; Quiz, Chance, and Lacy at Keith and Melissa's. In general, I like dogs better than people.

Bonus dog/Heaven quote for the day:
"Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in." Mark Twain

All of that is to say that there was an article about Lubbock Animal Services and their our approach to animal euthanasia. It's not gory or horrific. It is an article filled with facts and some hope, but it is still an article about killing animals because they exist. Below are links to that article and to a short list of animals available for adoption.

Policy-based euthanasia at city of Lubbock animal shelters decreasing; still too many, officials say

Adoptable Animals at Lubbock Animal Services

May you choose your friends by their virtues.