Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lubbock Recycling Hero

So, the buckets have been filling up, and I decided it was time to drop off the recycling on Saturday. I parked behind Market Street, and there he was. 

Parked next to the blue dumpsters was a PT Cruiser. The rear seats were folded down and the Cruiser was full. He was a small man. Age had slumped his shoulders. He walked with a cane. He had on a belt that carried a portable oxygen unit. The openings of the taller dumpsters were above his line of sight. He used the handle of his cane to lift the bags over the rim. With a deft twist  he would dump the contents without dropping the bag. Then he would move to the next bag.

I regret that I did not get his name or take a picture to share with you. I regret that I did not thank him for dedication to an extremely important cause.

If he can and  does recycle, the rest of us have no excuses.

May we recognize heroes when we see them.