Friday, April 4, 2014

A Day Without Waste, Poetry, and Earth Day: Bring it on, Lubbock!

(Keith, get ready to mark your calendar!)

Somehow, I have turned into a cause guy. Which is foreign to me. I spent many years (decades) as an apathy guy. I am wearing a blue shirt today to show support for autism awareness. Yesterday I spent my lunch hour with a good friend talking to a group of hard-working people about the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life that is coming up in early May. (You will hear more on that one later.) Riding to work today (5 consecutive days without burning petroleum to get to work!) I was freezing my butt off and wondering how I became this cause guy - being an apathy guy is often much more comfortable.

April is a great month for causes and celebrations.

If you are a frequent visitor to MH, you know this one is near and dear. April 9th is a A Day Without Waste. Please visit the site and see what you can do to support this uber-important cause. Our affluence has made us consumers who give little thought to the amount of waste each of us creates every single day. Try for one day to see how close you can get to creating no waste. I tried it a few years ago after watching No Impact Man. I failed miserably, but I have been striving for waste reduction ever since.

(One of my favorite poems)

If you want to celebrate National Poetry Month in Lubbock, be sure to mark your calendar for April 25th at 7pm - Robert Pinsky and Laurence Hobgood will be performing PoemJazz at Texas Tech. If you like poetry or jazz, this is a phenomenal opportunity to see two true artists collaborating.

My struggle with Earth Day is that I want it to be Earth Decade. Every April 22nd is Earth Day, but I keep reading that many will be celebrating Earth Day on the 27th this year. I will keep looking to see what Earth Day celebrations you can find in our area.

May your causes be worthy of your time!