Friday, April 18, 2014

Forget the Cargo Bike, Let's all get Bad Bikes!

My wife has a dream. And she has had this dream for years. This dream essentially has five components: her, our good dog (Condo), a pair of Doggles, a cycle with a sidecar, and any excuse for them to hit the open road together. The only thing she is missing is the sidecar - and maybe Condo's cooperation. He likes the car with air conditioning. He definitely does not like the canoe. I figure the sidecar is a bit of a halfway point, but he really loves a good couch, an air conditioner, and for people not to disturb his sleep.

I have a two dreams that parallel hers a little bit: I want her and Condo to be happy, and I want an electric vehicle that can haul stuff like groceries, hardware, and the occasional passenger.

This morning, I ran across a Jo BorrĂ¡s article over at that featured a $3300 dream maker: the Bad Bike. [Sigh] And it hits all of the high points for me.

It's electric
It's Italian
It's semi-flat black (My last two electric builds were semi-flat black.)
It has racing stripes
It can haul stuff
It has disc brakes (I lust after disc brakes.)

And it has her missing ingredient - a sidecar.

Honey, we are going to need a bigger garage!

May your good dog know the joy of flying along in a sleek eco-friendly Italian sidecar.