Friday, April 18, 2014

Wildlife in Spring

A Burrowing Owl Chick - SPWRC

I keep seeing, hearing, and hearing of a lot more urban wildlife over the last few weeks. (And I love this time of year for that reason.) Most of what I have been seeing has been birds, but I have heard of more foxes and at least two possums this week. In preparation for all this life springing up, here are a few helpful links for how to react when you do run across a critter that may (or may not) need a little help.

How to Support Your Local Wildlife this Spring  Check out the little possum photo!

Baby Birds 101 - South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

While you are on the SPWRC website (designed by the rocking volunteer Amber Morales), be sure to check out all of the pages. Their mission statement is awesome! Read it and then see if you can help out with your time, with a donation, or with items on their wishlist. This is a group right here in Lubbock that is working hard to leave the place better than they found it.

May you be stunned by natural beauty this spring!

PS. The SPWRC has not yet announced their spring open house date. When they do, I will post it.