Thursday, April 17, 2014

Someone Wrote an Article About My Favorite Pass-time - Turtle Crossing!

In case it comes up in some deranged trivia game somewhere, my absolute favorite animal in West Texas is the common box turtle. And I am pretty darned fond of the red-eared slider. I am also fond of travelling the back roads where I sometimes run across these little RVs with legs. I always stop to help them across the road so they can avoid the RVs with wheels.

This particular red-eared slider did not care much for the old Mercedes, but it was excited to see Lake (Puddle) J.B. Thomas.

Imagine my joy today when I ran across an article on MNN instructing people in the proper ways to assist turtles in their road crossing!

May you be a turtle's saving grace some day!

Bonus Link: The Common Box Turtle on Wikipedia