Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bike to Work Day 2014: Bring it on, Lubbock!

Notice that I am giving you a week and a day head start so you can be prepared.
  1. Invite your friends
  2. Check the air in your tires
  3. Invite your neighbors
  4. Check your brakes
  5. Invite your family
  6. Plan your route
  7. Invite that weird guy down the street
  8. Exercise your expletive hurling
  9. Invite your postman
  10. Hand-paint a t-shirt with the above crappy logo (bonus points for matching undies!)
  11. Invite your co-workers
  12. Find your lock and key
  13. Invite a locksmith
  14. Pick out a bright outfit to keep you visible
  15. Invite a bright person
  16. Buy batteries for your camera and your lights
  17. Invite a not-so-bright person
  18. Dust off your helmet.
  19. Loan your extra helmet to the bright person, the not-so-bright person, or the weird guy
  20. Invite the person you love the most! (Toni Marie)

May you be prepared for a great ride!

Bonus Classic Rock Video: Queen - Bicycle Race

Bonus Frog Video: Kermit Rides a Bike