Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Extrinsic Reward: Lubbock, Recycle!

A portion of the EPA's Municipal Solid Waste Infographic

In an ideal world, intrinsic motivation would be enough. We would recognize a problem, realize that we need to do something about it, and get to work until the problem is solved.

But we don't work that way. We need a reward. We crave a reward. Snagit, give me that reward!

The free peppermint from the Sonic Drive-In
Once upon a time in a fairy tale land, I was a public school teacher. Imagine, if you will, 37 freshmen eagerly fighting to be the one who had the opportunity to answer a question in English class. Sound like a fairy tale? It was reality - it was the Sonic Mint Question of the Day. Thirty-seven young people who understood the value of learning but could care less about learning for learning's sake were ready to do whatever it took to win one crappy mint that I had received for free - I ate a lot of Sonic back then.

Neighbor, how do you feel about recycling? Do you recognize garbage and waste as a problem? Do you realize that we are destroying ourselves and others with our mountains of waste? Are you aware of the garbage islands forming in our oceans? Do you know that plastic is a petroleum product and that recycling reduces our dependence on foreign oil?

Big Question #1: Do you feel a moral imprerative to care for the earth and the people who live on it?

If your answer to BQ1 is "yes," please follow your intrinsic voice - and the Mesquite Hugger loves you!
If your answer to BQ1 is "no," please keep reading - and the Mesquite Hugger has hopes for you and still likes you.

Big Question #2: Would you recycle if someone offered you a mint good stuff in return?

If your answer to BQ2 is "yes," pease check out Recyclebank.com, recycle, and get yourself some stuff for recycling.
If your answer to BQ2 is "no," please stop consuming anything!

If you have influence upon Lubbock's your city's recycling operations, please check out https://www.recyclebank.com/corporate-info/partner-with-us/municipalities and get your town in gear.

From the recent TH article Growing recycling programs help us inch closer to Zero Waste:
They also  sponsor municipalities as well; the city of Rochester Hills, Michigan, for example, signed up for the program in 2008 and proceeded to increase recycling by 323% by 2014.

May we step up the pace to Zero Waste!

PS. More Lubbock recycling to come - please stay tuned.