Thursday, July 17, 2014

What Mad Max REALLY Needed - in Wichita Falls, TX

My family is in search of a fuel efficient car. So, I am being good and searching for realistic cars in which the family would be seen and would have a reasonable chance of arrivng safely and joyfully. I have been avoiding search terms like Rat Rod, Very Rare, Vintage, Home-Built, Unique, and so on. So there I am flirting with the edges of the list last night by typing in Prius. And up popped the only Prius currently for sale in Wichita Falls.

(Sidebar: Wichita Falls is a dangerous place for me. The last thing I bought in Wichita Falls was a half-finished electric pickup project I bought a few years back, knowing that within a few short months, I would have it completed and on the road. If you would like to buy a well-done but half-finished electric pickup - let me know. I have not touched the thing at all and do not see myself getting there any time soon. Wichita Falls is bad juju for me. And, yes, they really do have falls there.)

Do you remember the second Mad Max movie, the one where they went all post-apocalyptic and Mr. Last-of-the-V8-Interceptors spent the whole movie searching for and fighting over gasoline? Well, he would not have had to fight near as much to keep this little jewel fed. Check it out!

Licensed, inspected, and street legal. Where is Tina Turner when we need her?

So no, I will not ask the family to be seen in this one, but If I were an overly wealthy man, I would buy it for my friend Rusty, and I'd offer to drive it a lot! I have a lazy greyhound at home who looks great in doggles - Max had a dog too, you know.

Actor portrayal - not our actual greyhound

Not an actor - this is the real Rusty.

This is what Rusty would look like if he were played by a young Mel Gibson. 

May you not be tempted by any vehicle this ugly - ever!