Friday, May 9, 2014

Vote Lubbock

Local elections happen here in Lubbock tomorrow - May 10.

Please do a little research and vote. (If you choose to be uninformed, please stay home.)

I live in District 3, and I really like the neighborhood. I like being near all of the local businesses on 34th Street, I like being centrally located, and (this may sound crazy) I like my neighbors.

But there are things I do not like. I am seeing an increase in trash, theft, graffiti, and vandalism.

Something I watch for in local elections lately (especially for mayor and City Council) is someone who is just as interested in helping people and conserving natural resources as he/she is in maintaining fiscal responsibility. My wife and I sat down a few weeks ago and started looking at this election. It took very little research to find a candidate who appears to be interested in all three and is hopefully less worried about serving a party agenda. After the three-ring circus created by our mayor and city council over the last few years, we are hoping for better.

So, please figure out what is most important to you and then find the candidate that would represent your beliefs.

And vote.

May we end up with representatives who will represent us well and effectively.

PS. Here is my partial wishlist for Lubbock:
More access to and promotion of renewable energy
Stronger and more effective neighborhood associations  (for cleaner and safer places to live)
More focus on conserving water (Less on green grass)
Expanded recycling capabilities (glass and and more types of plastic)
Better solutions for serving our homeless and marginalized populations
Safer bike and walking lanes