Friday, May 23, 2014

Needing to Be "In Nature"

Colorado City Lake 16 May 2014

I recently had the good fortune to spend 20 minutes alone sitting by a dying West Texas lake. The lake is only a few feet deep now and has become a haven for many creatures I do not often see. I sat there catching my breath (from a bike ride to get there). I saw four red-eared sliders, at least five species of shorebirds I had never noticed before, and some tiny ducks about the size of pigeons. I eventually did catch my breath. Then I found myself breathing very easily. I felt a number of cares melt away. I am not really a meditator, but I have found myself a few times this week closing my eyes and heading back to that spot.

On the reading list this week is a book called The Urban Bestiary by Lyanda Lynn Haupt. In the book, she explains that in her younger life she craved running off to the wilderness to be around nature. However, like most of us, she figured out that the living is much easier when we live where other people live. And that nature is very present even when you are surrounded by people.

It's raining this morning in Lubbock - Hallelujah! It's springtime. The world is mudluscious and puddlewonderful. (Thanks, e e)

May you have a chance this Memorial Day Weekend to sit somewhere quiet, to breathe easier, and to watch all the life that surrounds you.