Thursday, May 22, 2014

Electric Car News: Eggs Are on the Way

I'd drive it happily!

The 2014 Mitsubishi MiEVs are shipping now. I don't think the MiEV is the coolest or most impressive electric car ever, but I do think it is a great car for 90% of us to do 98% of our daily driving on a very small amount of money while making very little negative impact on our world. That's a very wordy way of saying Snagit, I want one! Now, I just wish I could talk Mitsubishi (or Ford, Nissan, Chevy....) to make a small pickup with similar numbers...

If you want numbers to do the math for yourself, here is an article (Thanks, Knippa!!!) that lines it out for you:

And don't forget the Texas incentive:

EV Grin!

May the numbers be in your favor and may your local Mitubishi dealers stock their shelves!