Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Electric Scooter News: Fido (I am excited about this one!)

This is a story I have followed for a long time. It started with Soundspeed Scooters in Seattle. They sold and promoted a lot of cool products, but my favorite was their kit to convert a vintage Vespa into a vintage electric Vespa. Back in March of 2011, Soundspeed announced that they were closing up shop, heading east, and working on creating a new scooter - the Fido. Since then there have been little bits of info here and there, but it looked a lot like another great idea that would never make it from prototype to production.  And snagit! that would have been a shame. Every few months I would go back and visit the Fido website, but I would see no news or changes.

But there is hope - I received an newsletter email from Fido this week! Click here to see it.

Let me step back a bit. Part of my excitement comes from the origin of the Fido. Jeb Gast, Fido's creator, was a dealer of electric scooters. He ran into a lot of the hurdles that other dealers of electric scooters have come across. The biggest of those hurdles was having only mediocre to poor scooters available to sell. There have been very few quality electric scooters available so far.

So Jeb decided to go back to the drawing board to create a quality scooter that the average owner could maintain and even repair if need be. He drew on concepts from the early days of scootering. He designed a simple and robust machine with performance aimed at commuting (and recharging) in the real world. (I still get excited thinking about this scoot!)

Jeb, Krystal, and all the gang at Fido, here's to you and your entrepreneurial spirit! Godspeed!

May Fido run free!