Thursday, June 19, 2014

It looks like we have to move away from Lubbock :-)

(A red-eared slider)

"Yep, no tree-hugging, granola-munching hippie types here."
                                                                              Maria Scinton

10 Lubbock Stereotypes That Are Completely True

My wife shared this article about Lubbock with me. Strangely enough, I did live in District 3 until the boundaries were recently changed. I feel so lonely!

To be fair, one of my best live music memories was hearing Stubbs sing "House of the Rising Sun" while Guy Forsyth played the harmonica at Stubbs Barbecue.

For the record, trees are our one and only earthbound hope at having oxygen for future life on this planet. I plan to keep hugging them - not for their sake, but for all carbon-based life forms - even the people who are working so feverishly to destroy life for all in pursuit of temporary money. If you take out the trees and pollute the water - both of which we are doing at an astounding rate, you destroy all life. It is simple math. 

May the lesser prairie chicken live long and prosper, and may you as well.

PS - I am pretty neutral on the subject of granola.