Monday, June 9, 2014

Oy vey - my smartphone guilt machine!

Am I?

I have a G+ app on my phone. Each time I open the app, a little graphic overlay pops up and unwittingly slaps me with a little jolt of accountability. It is a black oblong that states, "You're acting as Mesquite Hugger." It always begs a simple question - Am I really?

Saturday morning I did fairly well. I walked to the coffeehouse. I picked trash on the way there. I picked recyclables up on the way home. The coffeehouse in question serves their food and beverages on/in real dishes - not disposables. I did laundry on Saturday and used the clothesline for drying. I repaired a water hose that I found in the alley and hooked that up to the rain barrel. The worst thing I did on Saturday was drive the pickup on one short trip to the grocery store.

Real dishes - no styrofoam!

Friday, however, was a different story. I had two drinks served in styrofoam cups. I put a little over four miles on the bicycle, but I put more than seventeen miles on Lucy, my little truck. My dinner was served in a plastic-coated cardboard box that was handed to me in a plastic bag.

So, If I were to grade myself on a two-day average, maybe a C+ or so.

Yes, that episode of Cosmos really got to me. It is time for me to stop promoting carbon release.

May your grade be a lot higher when your phone prompts a little self-evaluation.