Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tesla in Texas - the Melodrama Continues (Not eating crow yet)

Two of the most-read blog posts on Mesquite Hugger are this one and  this one that deal with my doubts about Lubbock, or even Texas, becoming the home of Tesla's new and gargantuan battery factory.

Since then I have heard a few fairly reliable rumors that this particular snowball in hell is still quite solid. And I was able to tour a facility here on the South Plains that has the capacity, expertise, and location to actually appeal to Tesla on a real level. (And our tour guide mentioned that they were in high level talks with a very interesting car manufacturer.)

All that said, I am a pessimist wearing a very optimistic sweater. I just don't see it happening. And I would love to be wrong!

Our beloved  state governor, however, has been doing some serious courting. Thanks to Grist for publishing this article today!

May you have a wonderful day filled with good news.