Friday, August 8, 2014

Downtown Farmers Market - and It's National Farmers Market Week!

(Not the actual goat - learn more about this one here: Cowboy Bebop)

I just received the email listing this week's vendors, and I found this literary jewel:

Honeys Farm Fresh - 
Eggs, rabbit, duck, chicken, soap, laundry soap... and a Pet Goat to promote!

 A pet goat to promote! (In a boat? On a moat? Does it like oat(s)?

Get your butt out there:

  • eat healthy
  • support local farmers, craftspeople, and artists
  • talk to Janie about the Solar Chef oven (she gives out free cookies!)
  • Do the taste test challenge for great 34th St coffee - the Yoga Bean/Yellowhouse challenge!)
  • Say hi to the lovely and delightful Kelle B
  • Check out Baron Batch's really cool welding masks
  • Buy the silverware road runner and donate it to the Mesquite Hugger Foundation
  • Promote a pet goat!
  • Do not tell my wife about the pet goat thing!

A little advice - if you want the good produce, get out there before 10:15!

Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market

By the way, it's the 15th Annual National Farmers Market Week!

May your goat be gotten!