Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Epic Electric Bike Rides (Not Me!)

(Photo from the HuffPo bonus link)

I keep running across the story of Cathy Rogers, who recently completed a trip from Seattle to DC on a Pedego electric bicycle. I keep bringing her up in conversations, and the people around me keep asking for details. Since my brain has retained very few of those, I thought I would post the story here.

And that story triggered a reminder to myself - I still haven't seen Kick Gas, a documentary that follows people road-tripping on/in various electric vehicles.

Kick Gas on

While searching for that one, I was reminded of the Euro e-bike tour on Electric Bike Report. (I love EBR!!!) Here is the first installment:

European Electric Bike Tour: Not All Who Wander Are Lost – Part 1

Sigh. May you live the dream cleanly!

Bonus Link: HuffPo article about e-bikes