Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lubbock Electric Drivers - Get Together?

National Drive Electric Week is coming up - September 15-21. If you go to that first link and look at the map, you will notice a big honking gap in the map over West Texas and all of New Mexico. We are an EV wasteland.

I did ride the electric motorcycle to work this morning. I have never seen another street-legal, electric motorcycle in town, but I hear rumors that there is another Zero lurking about.

Once in a great while, I see someone riding an electric bicycle, maybe two per month. (And I look closely for those.)

I see more and more Leafs and Volts, but they are still rare enough for me to notice them. I occasionally see a Ford PHEV - the Fusion or the C-Max. There was a Wheego on Craigslist a little while back, but I never actually saw it. And there's the guy with the really cool electric Opel GT I saw cruising on Milwaukee Avenue once.

1973 Electric Opel GT

Overall, though, for a population center of more than 300,000 people, Lubbock has very few electric vehicles on the streets. And the only "public" charging station that I am aware of is at the local Nissan dealer.

So, when I read of electric vehicle get-togethers, I think, "How much gasoline would I have to burn to take my EV to an EV rally?" Hmm...It feels like some purpose is being defeated on that one.

So how about it?
Electric Riders/Drivers, does anyone want to get together in September to swap stories and admire clean green machines? Nissan, Ford, or Chevy dealers, would you like to invite us over for a cup of coffee and a no-pressure test drive? Or, more realistically, Keith, would you like to borrow your wife's electric bicycle and meet up for a cool beverage some evening?

May the EV revolution be lead by you, and may it be televised!

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Seriously - watch The IT Crowd already!