Thursday, September 11, 2014

Priorities, Projects, Composting, Instructables...

(Photo from the Instructables link below)

I keep waffling on project priorities around the house. (Mmm, waffles sound so much better than that protein shake I had for breakfast!) My garage looks like a tornado hit, but I keep working on various bicycle projects. I need to trim the elms - one of them dropped a 14' branch this week. And the foster dogs keep redecorating the backyard.

One project that I am happy to have completed is the rain barrel. It is a source of steady amazement around our house how little rain (or mist) it tales to fill up a 55 gallon barrel. A residential roof is a massive rain collector. What had been a problem mud puddle area in the backyard has turned into a lot of plants thriving in the front yard. Good job, self!

So, the project that keeps my waste senses tingling now is a compost barrel. We are cooking more at home. We are enjoying more fresh veggies from the farmers market. Sticks keep falling from the elm trees. The leaves will be falling soon. Regardless of how much we work to deter it, we still receive a lot of junk mail.We have a lot of compost potential that is going untapped.

And, I keep reading articles that outline the ecological value of composting. Composting is only one-sixth of the very good article I read today, but it is the sixth that stuck out most prominently for me.

Is Your Local Waste Responsible for Global Climate Change? (Yes, mine is, snagit!)

So, I have all of the parts except for the barrel to build this Instructable version:

Instructables Compost Bin by ic517

It is time to get to work!

May one (or more) of the six inspire you to action, and may you not dream of waffles all day like I will be.

May waste serve you well!