Friday, September 12, 2014

Good morning, friends!

It is a rainy Friday morning in Lubbock, and it is glorious!

Readership has been way up on this blog lately, and I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read these scribblings. I hope you find inspiration, mirth, and motivation in what you read here.

Lots of random stuff:

I saw two Inca dove this week. I haven't seen them here in several years. Beautiful smaller dove - easily recognized by the burnt red color visible under their wings when they fly.

And a tiny Mediterranean gecko was scarfing mosquitoes near the mailbox - too fast for photos.

I finished reading the Urban Bestiary (finally) and have been reeling from the ideas presented in the last chapter of what seemed a simple book. I am now reading Crow Planet by the same author and finding it equally inspirational.

The National Bike Challenge is going very well - very happy to have joined it - 18 days left!

I learned about another bike group that I am learning more about - I found them on the back of a beer bottle from our bike and beer loving friends in Ft. Collins, Colorado.
New Belgium and Bikes

I ordered some used battery packs for building a lithium-ion battery pack for my winter bike. (Next week is National Drive Electric Week - Keith, be ready!)

I learned about a very cool neighborhood revitalization project/movement. Check it out at

The playa lakes are full again - if you are near the park at Quaker and the South Loop in the evening, check out the island in the middle - it has become a rookery for snowy egrets. Let's build islands in all the playa lakes in town - tiny bird sanctuaries in the middle of our lakes!

Thank you again for reading! May you have health, joy, and blessing!