Friday, October 17, 2014

Electric Bikes: Gateway Drug, Moustaches, and a Kit on the Way

Here at Mesquite Hugger, you know we love bikes, and you know we love electric bikes, and you know we are frugal cheap, and you know we are always trying to find ways to avoid buying and burning petroleum. Recently, I ran across a blog post that embraced all of these things, but it's not so much a planet-hugging blog - more of a save money, live well, and retire early blog with a funny name.

So, this is one more article that explains the benefits of an e-bike to the uninitiated, but this one comes from a guy who offers a lot of practical financial advice in a very, dare I say it, hipster manner. If that sounds negative, I apologize - I have been reading the blog a lot, and I am impressed and will continue to read it even when no bicycles are mentioned. So, I will shut up about it and let you read it for yourself:

Mr. Money Moustache - Electric Bikes: Gateway Drug to Bike Commuting?

Mesquite Hugger confession: So, for those of you who are interested in electric two-wheelers, I have been holding out on you. I sold the electric motorcycle a little while back, and that left a little money open and a little space in the garage. And it left me in a position where I became more dependent on burning gasoline for transportation. So I broke down and ordered an electric bike kit of my own. (And I am picking up a pair of vintage scooters today to convert to electric. More about them later.)

I did not order a Copenhagen wheel. I am still really leery of the wait time, and, at $800 plus shipping, it's still out of my (cheapo) price range. So, I decided on a rear, geared hubmotor setup with a 36V 10Ah water bottle battery. It should be here within two weeks, and I am very excited. I will definitely keep you posted. It will look something like this:

May the darn thing get here soon, and may we all find transportation that is more enjoyable and less destructive - and cheap!