Friday, October 31, 2014

Vintage Electric Car Profile: Zagato Elcar

From a blog post about ugly electric cars that you probably shouldn't translate

One of the sites I like to visit often is EV Tradin' Post. If you want to find a used electric vehicle or parts, it's a great place to start. You never know what you will find there. When I looked today, there were a few Beetles, a few Porsches, a Fiero, a BMW, a Mustang, a Focus, a Miata, Rangers, S10s, a box truck, a Zenn, a few scooters and motorcycles, and a $750 ZAGATO ELCAR! (A Zagato Zele if you picked yours up in Italy)

From Wikipedia

A what?!!! Well, for those of you who in the know, imagine a Citicar, then make it less of a wedge and more of a box, and make it Italian, but boxy Italian - not sexy Italian. It was produced around the same time - mid 1970s. It came in versions from 48 volts to 96 volts and had a range up to 50 miles. Pretty impressive for the time! And it's one more reason that my wife is thankful that I have very little disposable income and garage space.

May your beloved electric car not make the top 10 ugly list, and if it does, may you revel in it, snagit!

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