Friday, November 14, 2014

Big Companies Offering a Bit of Hope: Post-it Notes and the Big Blue Oval

Let me start by saying that I appreciate the company I work for. There are lots of perks around here that involve serving others and spending time with one's family. And they have always supported me in charging my various electric Frankenbikes. My boss even encouraged me to park and charge my e-bike in my office - until we moved to the third floor. Even then, the only real discouragement came from gravity.

Moving on, not once have I ever thought to myself, Gee, I want to work for 3M. Not until today, anyway. And Ford, I have have driven and loved a Ford or two, but I never really wanted to be a part of Ford. But the green news surrounding these two companies this week has been exciting for me.

Ford's news is a little less exciting than 3M's, but still cool. Really, the Ford news is very small so far. It impacts four dealerships initially, but it could be the start of something very good. And, that big Ford VAWT (vertical axis wind turbine) could be downright mesmerizing. I like those! Here's the story from Gas 2:

Ford Testing Wind And Solar Power Systems For Dealerships

More exciting on a larger scale (at least to me) is that 3M is now piloting a program to help its employees go solar. The program offers a 25-35% discount on the cost of the equipment and helps the employee with low payments and no money down. That right there would be attractive to me if I were looking at going to work for them. Here's the story from CleanTechnica:

Duct Tape Giant’s Low Cost Solar Stealth Attack

Any time I see large companies embracing clean, renewable energy, I get excited. In the case of 3M, seeing a company help its employees to switch to that same clean energy - that really gets me excited. So, If I can go to work part time for 3M and get solar on the house, and go to work part time for New Belgium to get a fat-tired bike, and go to work for Ford part time to be able to charge my plug-in C-Max that I have not yet bought....

May your employer make it easy for you to be lean and green!