Friday, November 21, 2014

Disappointment: Mini Debuts another Electric Scooter

About four years ago, Mini debuted an electric scooter at the Paris Auto Show. And it was cool and exciting. About the same time, Smart also debuted an electric scooter as well. And the electric vehicle world was a very different thing then. Companies like Tesla, Zero, and Brammo were just releasing electric vehicles and were far from being household names. The Leaf and the Volt were just getting rolling. The EV landscape was very different.

And I looked forward to both of those scooters for a long time. The Smart scooter fizzled a while back - Smart had planned to partner with Vectrix on their scoot, but Vectrix folded and the Smart scooter faded away. And, to be honest, the Mini scooter just faded from my mind...

...until this morning. I saw this Gas2 headline: MINI Debuts Electric Scooter Instead Of Electric Car. And the electric scooter geek in me rejoiced! Then I clicked on the link and saw this crappy little thing that would fit in nicely in the Target bicycle section:

I haven't read the article yet. I will get around to it, but not yet. I did look at the photos and saw an image that took me back to the 80's and a little dream scooter called the Honda Motocompo that was designed to fit in the back of the tiny Honda City automobile in place of a spare tire.

disappointing scooter in Mini 

Honda Motocompo in Honda City

Second-Wave Ska Legends Madness in the Japan-only ads
(If you're a fan on the Nutty Boys, it is worth seeking out the commercials on youtube.)
May your scooter surprises be good ones!