Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lubbock Electric Bike for Sale (and a photo of mine)

I look at the bikes on the local Craigslist almost every day to see if anything interesting pops up. Today something interesting popped up - an electric Schwinn.

I have been aware of the electric Schwinns since they came out, but I have not paid a lot of attention. They were high-priced and low-powered, and that combination never appealed to me. New, this bike was $2,200 and the power system is 24 volt and either 250 or 400 watt. Definitely out of my price range and borderline on whether or not it has enough power for a big guy like me.
But now that it has a used price tag and I can clearly see its list of virtues as a commuter bike (suspension seat post, rear rack, fenders, mirrors, adjustable handlebar stem), yes, I can see this being a very good deal for less money than most would spend on an electric kit without a bicycle. So, if you are in the market, used is always a gamble, but this looks like a solid deal.

My e-bike is all together now.
I hope to do an in-depth post about my experiences building this one soon, but today, you just get to see a pic of my little pseudo-Frenchy.
May you run across a good deal that keeps you from burning fossil fuels, and may you have a great day!